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The greening of architectural structures makes a valuable contribution to the environment and your quality of life. They improve your living and working climate and visually enhance a building. Economic advantages for the owner and tenants also grow from such a greening. Having living grass in your landscape produces clean air and if property maintained, less fertilizers and pesticides.  We can use a combination of organic and conventional products per your request.  Let us know.


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landscape beds

We can use cinnamon oil to burn down weeds in cracks of sidewalks, around plants and flower beds, or we can use mulch as a weed preventative.
Weeds lawn areas
We can use cinnamon oil and spot spray close to the weeds as possible or we can use conventional products and cut the grass high
Catapillers Microbial insecticide or BT
Lawn Feeding We can recycle the leaves and grass clippings back into the lawn. We can hold off a fertlizer application or two because of this.
Lawn Health Performing a soil test for proper Ph and aeration are important. Grass living at the proper Ph with less compaction helps plant health.
Oak Bark Beetles Make sure the tree is healthy.  If you planted plants around an old oak tree and are watering around it, then the tree could be suffering. When trees are stressed, Bark Beetles are more likely to move in.
Beneficial Insects Below are pictures of plants that will help bring beneficial organisms and small insects to your yard.  Pictures are provided by Plant Master Software

The pictures above are provided by Plant Master.  This program helps us choose what plants would be good for your landscape.  For more information visit GardenSoft


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